Time to flip your classrooms?

Have you heard of 'flipped classrooms'? In a flipped classroom, content such as lectures/explanations and readings are accessed by students at home, and face-to-face learning time is when students and teachers build on the knowledge that has been studied at home, exploring new understandings and problems together, and building fluency in language classes. This style of class maximises student learning and engagement through more opportunities for curriculum differentiation, higher level thinking, and collaborative learning.

In response to NSW Deprtment of Health COVID-19 safety guidelines, community language schools are having to stop face-to-face classes. I know how challenging the move away from reliance on face-to-face delivery can be for teachers - remote learning/distance learning/blended learning/online learning are a really different experience for teachers and students, requiring different skills.

Over the coming weeks I will be suggesting in this news feed ways that teachers can deliver their content for students to access at home, flipped classroom style - working out how you will get the content to your students remotely is one of the first steps towards flipping your classroom.

Start working on how you will offer content to students for them to access at home, to keep them engaging with your community language, and you can also work towards offering your students a flipped classroom experience even after you return to face-to-face classes.