Code of Conduct Course

Recently I was contacted by a community language school that wanted help with developing a Code of Conduct. I was excited to help as I believe every organisation needs a Code of Conduct.

Why? The Code of Conduct tells everyone what your organisation values and the behaviour that is expected in order to realise these values. Importantly, it also states what will happen if someone in the organisation does not behave as is expected.

While everyone is behaving well, you might not see the need for a Code of Conduct.

If you have a well-written Code of Conduct it might seem like you don't need it - because everyone has a clear understanding of how to behave there are no problems :-)

However, when bad behaviour shows up, you will be glad you can refer to your organisation's Code of Conduct.

I visited a school once where the behaviour of two boys was making teaching impossible for the relief teacher. She had no idea what to do to deal with the boys' misbehaviour; everything she tried had zero impact. It was a terrible situation for everyone. If the school had had a Code of Conduct, she would have had clear organisation guidelines to refer to, to know what to do

I have created a 'flipped classroom' for this course. If you want to create a Code of Conduct for your organisation, contact me and I will give you access to the Google Classroom for this course. In the Google Classroom you will find a 16 minute presentation that teaches you everything you need to know to write a Code of Conduct and there are materials to help you, including a template. Once you have worked through the course, you can contact me to go through your Code of Conduct together.