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At Hunter Community Languages (HPTACLS) we are bringing innovation and excellence to the Community Languages Program, through training, resources and advice - face-to-face and online.


Membership gives you:

  • First invitation to Kara's online training - tickets to Kara's online sessions can be hard to get. Our members get first access to tickets for training organised by Hunter Community Languages;

  • Discounted access to HPTACLS Gold online learning rooms;

  • Invitation to HPTACLS events;

  • Access to advice from Kara, our Education Officer;

  • Public Liability Insurance can be purchased for just $140 per year (schools with more than 100 students pay a little more).

Membership can be purchased through our online store, on this website, or contact Kara@hptacls.org


We welcome and value all of our members.