Kara Matheson BA Grad Dip Ed AMICDA Australian Progress 2020 National Fellow, is the Education Officer at Hunter Community Languages.

Kara is an accredited Proficient Teacher with NESA. Kara has been teaching languages (English and Japanese) to children and adults for nearly 30 years, in schools and at TAFE. Kara is also a trained and experienced teacher of modalities to support the development of emotional intelligence and mental health, such as Mindfulness (builds self-awareness and self-management) and Nonviolent Communication (aka empathic communication, which builds empathy and social skills).  

In her role as Education Officer, Kara:

writes and delivers quality training for Community Languages Schools;

provides advice and guidance on establishing new Community Language Schools; 

provides guidance with administering a Community Language School; 

liaises with host schools;

promotes the NSW Community Languages Schools Program;

administers Hunter Community Languages and reports to the Hunter Community Languages Board.

"I am constantly delighted and inspired by the work being done in NSW community languages schools. This Program is supporting bilingual and multilingual Australians who seamlessly traverse cultures. What an asset for our country! I am proud to work in the Community Languages Schools Program." Kara